We provide a genuinely personal service and productive solutions every step of the way.

  • Maximise the revenues of properties that are in receivership.
  • Resolve high exposure and challenging problem cases quickly.
  • Letters can be undelivered, lost or ignored.
  • Tenants and borrowers can be unco-operative or downright obstructive.
  • Cases may involve dishonesty and fraud.
  • Eviction and sale are not always the best financial solution for lenders (or tenants and landlords).


There is no substitute for sorting out problems on the ground, face-to-face with the people involved: fairly and professionally. The Howes approach is bespoke and personal:

  • We visit the properties and inspect them.
  • We find the tenants and landlords and talk to them.
  • We explain the legal and financial situation to them fully.
  • We mediate the fairest deals possible to tenants and landlords.
  • We broker the best solution to maximise the value of the property to the lender.


All of the actions we take are in compliance with the Law of Property Act and are reported fully to our clients. Above all, they are based on more than 25 years' experience at the sharp end of the lettings industry:

  • Our network of offices in England and Wales can act on instructions immediately.
  • 24/7 — even if we are given just an address with very little additional information.
  • We draw up service agreements with our clients on each case.
  • We provide a full report on the situation of the landlord and tenants involved.
  • We advise on exit strategies and arrange disposal if necessary.
  • We provide a full report on the condition of the property and arrange repair and ongoing maintenance as required.
  • We advise on exit strategies and arrange disposal if necessary.
  • We attend court hearings on behalf of the receivers.

Company Stats

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Howes Property Solutions is a specialist asset management company. We offer a highly hands on, personal service and over 35 years of expertise in property lettings, sales and assets management.

Our specialist area of expertise is resolution of challenging cases, involving trespassers, uninhabitable properties, fraud and low value properties, and sometimes a combination of all of these.

We are supported by highly competent staff, who have extensive experience even in the most unusual challenges that can be encountered in property management. In our case, the old saying "big enough to do the job, small enough to care" is actually true.

Our Mission Statement

Howes Property Solutions Mission Statement incorporates the following key elements:

  • To be consistent in our provision of asset management services ensuring that they are always of the highest possible standards.
  • We concentrate our resources on maintaining the highest level of service amongst our staff with the remainder going towards expansion and growth.
  • Maintaining our existing client base by maintaining excellence in our provision of services and encouraging referrals to new and potential clients through our quality of service.
  • Constantly investing in the training and development of staff, software and company growth to the benefit of all.
  • By constantly seeking out new contractors around the UK with whom we can work. By investing time and resources to ensure that these contractors consistently work to our standards.

By making these investments we can then work towards becoming one of the most sought after asset managers in the country.